Health, Safety and Environment Statement

Scope Resources is committed to conducting its business in a manner that promotes environmental sustainability and protects the health and safety of its personnel.

We are in the people business and we understand they are our greatest asset. Scope Resources' objective is to provide our people with meaningful and fulfilling assignments and ensure they leave each project in a condition that allows them to enjoy their lives beyond the work environment. The management team strives for continuous improvement in its health, safety and environment program and accordingly has set forth the following HSE Policy and HSE Policy goals.

HSE Policy

The company is committed to complying with the AS/NZS 4801 and ISO 14001 Australian and International standards, relevant OH&S and environmental legislation, and other industry standards related to health, safety and the environment. The company is also committed to establishing and maintaining measurable health and safety and environmental objectives to ensure continual improvement aimed at elimination of work-related injuries and illness, and continual improvement of its environmental practices.

HSE Policy Goals

These policy goals are:

  • To develop a safety and environmentally conscious non-punitive culture within the company.
  • To ensure staff at all levels and company contractors understand their health, safety and environmental responsibilities.
  • To provide training and guidelines on HSE matters in all areas of operations.
  • To encourage all staff to participate in the development of safe work practices and in the identification of HSE hazards.
  • To develop HSE Plans to meet specific project and client requirements.
  • To ensure all staff members lead a safe and fulfilling work life without disabling injuries or illness.
  • To eliminate or reduce the danger of hazards wherever practical.
  • To ensure that risks to an employee’s health and safety are kept to the lowest acceptable level.
  • To ensure that suitable personal safety equipment is available to protect employees from those hazards which cannot be eliminated.
  • To carry out field operations in a sensible and conscientious manner, taking due regard of all sensitive environmental issues.
  • To ensure that sub-contractors meet at least the same HSE standards as Scope Resources does.

To find out more about Scope Resources’ HSE policies or to ask a specific question, please contact us.

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